What is Shifter?

Shifter is a static site generator for WordPress and hosting platform, all-in-one. Using Shifter, create always-on static sites with WordPress that load at lightning speed via free and automated HTTPS, Integrated CDN, and automated scaling.

What can Shifter do?

If you have a WordPress site for personal, business, or if you manage and build sites for clients you can use Shifter to:

  • Secure your WordPress sites: Eliminate downtime since there are no servers or databases fail.

  • Simplify your WordPress security workflow: Security is an inherent part of our hosting process, no add-ons or security plugins required.

  • Deliver fast content anywhere in the world: Shifter servers all site traffic over our integrated CDN so no matter where your customers are Shifter can serve traffic local to them.

  • Enjoy automated and free HTTPS: All WordPress sites on Shifter come with free HTTPS (Amazon ACM) by default, there’s nothing to install.

  • Scale with traffic demands: Shifter balances traffic to your WordPress site so no matter the traffic your site will perform the same.

All Shifter sites are hosted in a secure container environment. From the Shifter Dashboard you can view, edit, and manage all your sites within one account or create Teams and work as a team.

Who uses Shifter?

  • Designers using WordPress to create beautiful portfolio sites to showcase their work.

  • Developers using WordPress as a content management system, integrating 3rd party microservices and APIs.

  • Marketing teams creating landing landing pages for advertising campaign that are prone to traffic spikes and high server costs.

  • Agencies creating sites for clients and hosting them with Shifter for long term stability and security.

  • Bloggers that get unpredictable traffic spikes and want to ensure their site is always available for their site visitors.

  • Small businesses with busy schedules and more important things to worry about than security and WordPress maintenance.

What makes Shifter unique?

Unlike traditional WordPress hosting, Shifter does not keep WordPress running 100% of the time. WordPress installations are only active and available when site administrators or editors need them.

Instead Shifter uses a static site generator to create a completely static always-on and cached version of your WordPress site which is what your site visitors see.

Take the Next Step

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