Shifter is here to make your life easier.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a brand new site in no time.

1. Select your plan

Choose your plan based on storage, bandwidth, number of users, or Perfered CDN.

2. Log in

Access your Shifter dashboard to monitor everything in real time.

3. Create

Migrate an existing site or start a fresh install with one click.

4. Generate

Deploy your WordPress site using Shifter.

Your Shifter Dashboard

Create secure, static versions your WordPress sites right from the Shifter Dashboard.

1-Click Start

Launch WordPress with 1-Click to get stated, no config required

Build Static Versions

Create and store static Versions of your site and deploy them when you want

Two Secure Hosting Environments

WordPress runs in a secure container only you can access and deployed static sites don't run WordPress to hack
Shifter Dashboard Screenshot for Serverless Static WordPress SaaS

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We use a CDN (CloudFront) at very front of our servers, by default.

Static files are uploaded and stored with Amazon S3, then delivered through CloudFront (CDN), so that visitors can access websites with low latencies from all over the world.

We've got you covered. We use CloudFront with AWS Shield Standard which enables protection against DDoS attacks by default.

For more details about the AWS Shield, check out their official page: AWS Shield.


You can use Amazon SSL for your domain. But it requires email authentication, so kindly finish your email authentication to enable SSL certification for your domain.


Shifter has its own admin menu (separate from WordPress) that gives you control of the site. You can turn WordPress on and off, converting to and from a static site. You can manage domain settings, multiple websites, and more.

Yes! Shifter is both a WordPress static site generator and a WordPress hosting solution. We host the files that Shifter creates and allow you to connect to custom domains. We do not, however, offer domain registration at this time.

For features to value Shifter costs are minimal. Since static files are small and do not require computing, storage fees are less expensive. These price benefits get passed on to you, the consumer.

Pricing starts at $15/mo annually. This is our Personal plan which includes 10GB Storage and 1TB Data Transfer. This covers most users or for more storage and bandwidth we also offer Business and Agency pricing.

We also offer a forever trial at no cost for anyone who wants to get started with Shifter today!

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"Shifter takes the benefits of a static site generator and the power of WordPress and puts them together into one amazing service.."

— Shaun Baer, J2 Design