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Shifting Shifter

I’m Shifter

And I’m here to bring serverless architecture to the WordPress platform for the very first time.

Rearrange the game

Shifter is a full-service WordPress hosting solution that brings serverless architecture to the world’s most popular CMS. It transforms WordPress to static so you can create secure sites that scale and end downtime.

Shifter brings the best of both worlds together—
so you can build the best website.

Serverless Architecture

Static web pages are nearly maintenance-free and load at lightening speed. But they require outside development resources and don’t offer the functionality of a dynamic web page.


  • Speed
  • Security
  • Scalability

Built for WordPress

WordPress makes building a website easy and cost effective for almost any user. But it needs regular updates and security can be a concern.


  • Ease of use
  • Functionality
  • Design

Key Benefits

Extreme Speed


Generate WordPress to static HTML files with Shifter and deliver them at lightning speed without bottlenecks.


Global CDN

Create sites that won’t fail or slow down from increased traffic anywhere are in the world.

Safety + Security

SSL Included

Publish in our secure on-demand environment without sweating the security holes or outdated versions of WordPress.


Serverless Architecture

End downtime with our unique approach to hosting and publish all your content at once or only when it’s ready.

"As the first commercial product to provide serverless WordPress hosting, Shifter offers a unique way to tackle the security concerns that plague WordPress and its plugins and themes."