Re-adding a members to a default Team

We’re working an exciting new Role feature and this may affect existing Teams and members.

If you are using the Team feature with members/sub-users, please take a moment to read this update. 

Some members may be removed from the default Team named Owner-Name@default.

If members are removed from a default Team, owners can add them to restore access.

Additionally, we recommend creating new Team specific for the sub-users/members who need access to certain sites.

This change should not affect members outside of an existing default Team.

Create Team / Adding Sites / Invite members

Only the Owner can createTeam, add Sites or invite Members to it.
Ask the owner to do below: 

  1. Create a new Team;

  2. Add Sites to created Team;

  3. Invite Members to  established Team;

For more details to assign/invite users to an Team, see our documentation: Invite members to a team

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