Resolving 400 Errors on GeneratePress

It came to our attention while helping a customer that GeneratePress can have some conflicts with Redis cache. By default, Redis is active on every Shifter site to improve the admin experience. However, it can be temporarily disabled as a solution to 400 errors while using GeneratePress

When does the 400 error occur?

The most common occurrence happens when importing demo content. While browsing the library of themes using GeneratePress Premium, you can select a them to import. This sets up your site with demo layouts, content, pages, posts, etc.

How do I disable Redis?

First, Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard. Under the Settings menu you should see Redis. Navigate to that page and click disable.

Will I need to re-enable Redis?

No. During the next startup, Redis will be active. It’s important to keep Redis active if you are not using it as a workaround for this issue. Only when you are importing demo content from GeneratePress you will need to disable it.

Why should I keep it enabled?

It improves performance! We use Redis to cache database queries. This helps us load pages faster for admins and site editors. It also helps us crawl your site faster when we make the static version. Overall, it’s a good idea to keep it active unless you need to temporarily disable it.

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