Setting up HubSpot Form


  1. Sign up HubSpot

  2. Create contact form and the code.

  3. Add it to page or widget

  4. Integrate HubSpots’ live-chat with WordPress


Sign up HubSpot 

Goto HubSpot official website: 

For more details, our support document: Sign up HubSpot and integrate live-chat with WordPress.


Create a form and get code to embed

1. Navigate Dashboard 

2. Click [Forms] menu under [Marketing]

3. Click [Create form] button

4. Choose “Embedded form” and click [Next] button

5. Choose a template or build own form, then click [Start]

6. Click [Publish]

7. Click [Embed code] to get  JavaScript code to embed

8. Click [Copy] button to copy code

… and copied


Embed to a Page

1. Start WordPress and login

2. Click [Add New] under [Pages] 

3. Click [+] to add block

4. input “custom html” and click [Custom HTML] under Formatting menu

5. Paste copied HubSpot’s Form JavaScript code and click [Publish]

6. Generate an artifact and confirm it works


Embed to Sidebar widget

1. Click [Custom HTML] menu

2. Choose position where you want to apply, and click [Add Widget] button

3. Paste copied code and save it

5. Generate an artifact and confirm it works

That’s all!

Integrate HubSpots’ live-chat with WordPress

Check out our document: Sign up HubSpot, and integrate live-chat with WordPress

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