Migrating to Shifter

Migrating your WordPress site to Shifter is like most WordPress site migrations. Using your preferred migration plugin you create a backup, install the migration tool on the new site and import.

With Shifter it’s the same process!

Here are a few tips and guides to help you get started.


  1. Create a backup of your current WordPress site using your preferred WordPress migration plugin.

  2. Launch and setup a new WordPress site on Shifter.

  3. Install your Migration Plugin and import backup.

Migration Guides


WordPress Salts

Migrating a WordPress backup will likely replace your WordPress Salts. This is normal. When this happens you’ll be logged out and you may need to reset your WordPress user account passwords.

Migrating a Large Site

Migrating a large site is possible. Depending on which plugin you’re using it might include features to import from Dropbox, an external URL, or a simple upload and more.

Are you stuck?

If you’re experiencing issues and not sure what to do, please reach out. We can help you troubleshoot or make recommendations. We’re here to help!

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