New sign-in attempt notification

What is this

Shifter will send a sign-in notification to the user’s email address if the system detects suspicious login such as different locations, web browsers, and other unusual login or high-risk login.

This new feature is for improving security, not sending emails, sending alternative email addresses, or any customisations.

What you should do

If you get “New sign-in attempt for Shifter” email, you can take two options

A: This sign-in was NOT by you

B: This sign-in was by you

A: This sign-in was NOT by you

We strongly recommend changing the password and notify us this login attempt is malicious.

See the orange box section on the below screenshot for more details.

Click the link and change the password: If this sign-in was not by you, you should change your password and notify us by clicking on this link.

B: This sign-in was by you

See the green box section on the below screenshot: If this sign-in was by you, you can follow this link to let us know.

It seems it’s a false-positive. Please notify us this sign-in was you.

Sample email “New sign-in attempt for Shifter”

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