Shifter’s Key Features

Here are a few key concepts to help you understand how Shifter works:

  • Shifter is a WordPress hosting solution and static site generator.

  • When you deploy your site on Shifter, the end result is completely static and cached!

  • Unlike caching plugins, Shifter sites are truly static. Really. As in no database, memory errors, or downtime.

  • You can start with our free trial which is designed for users who want to test their themes and plugins before committing to a paid plan.

  • Custom domains are supported and available on any paid plan.

  • Shifter offers team tools for those who need to collaborate, such as agencies or small business.

Who is Shifter great for?

Anyone using WordPress to power their personal or professional websites and blogs. Shifter is compatible with most themes, plugins, and use cases. If you have a WordPress site and need more speed, security, and time, give Shifter a try.

Shifter’s Static Site Generator

Static site generators create completely static version of your content. Static means basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This approach to serving content allows for faster download times which translates into faster speeds for your site visitors.

Our static site generator is built into our hosting platform and converts your WordPress site to launch ready HTML, JS, and CSS with one click. This also adds a layer of security to your WordPress sites since there are no plugin vulnerabilities or databases with personal data to hack.

Shifter’s Container Hosting Environment

Each site created on Shifter comes ready to install. Just complete the famous 5 minute installation and begin creating your site or migrate an existing site.

Our engineers run WordPress in a container hosting environment that only you or your team can access. This environment is maintained by us and updated with the latest software so you are running as fast as possible.

Shifter’s Dashboard

From the Shifter Dashboard you can access and edit all your WordPress sites. Start and stop any of them at any time and use our static site generator to build new versions to deploy for everyone to see.

The Dashboard also offers tools for previewing static sites before deploying them, rolling back versions, granting access to collaborators and more.

Support For WordPress PWA

Progressive Web Apps are supported on Shifter by adding the PWA WordPress Plugin. This, in combination with Shifters hosting platform, offers an app-like experience for even the most high-traffic sites.

Take the Next Step

Get started on your website today with Shifter. Try out our free plan and take the first step towards building the perfect website for you and your visitors.

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