Posting to social with Zapire

This document introduces how to set up Zapire’s Zap to posting Twitter.

  • Build Twitter posting applet

Build Twitter posting Zap

Step1. Login to 

Step2. Input Twitter to [Connect this app… ] and RSS by Zapire to [with this one!]


Step4. Click [Use this Zap] on [Publish Your RSS Feed to Twitter]

Step5. Click [Continue]

Step6. Input URL of RSS feed then click [Continue]

Step7. Pick up a sample post then click [Continue]

Step 8. Set up tweet then click [Continue]

Step 9. Choose [Create Tweet] and click [Continue]

Step 10. Select Twitter account

Step 11. Send Test tweet.

Step 12. That’s all! click [Set it on your dashboard] to save this Zap.

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