Introducing the User Role feature

What is a User Role?

The User Role is a new feature to manage members belonging to a Team.

With this feature, a team owner can permit team members to start and stop WordPress, generate artefacts, and deploy it or edit posts.

How to add or edit Role

Check out our support document: How to add and edit Roles.

Roles and permissions


The Owner is the user role who can handle everything on Shifter.

The Owner can start and stop WordPress; register and delete domain names; create or delete sites and Teams; generate and publish artifacts, and change billing information.

Administrator (ex. Site Manager)

Site Managers can start and stop WordPress; generate and publish artifacts; register, attach or detach domain name to the Team belonged Site; also will be able to invite other users to the Team.

Editor (ex. Member)

Members can start and stop WordPress; generate and publish artifacts for their teams.

Contributor (ex. Editor)

The Editor can start and stop WordPress for their Team, but cannot publish artifacts. “Auto Publish” is disabled for this user.

List of the roles and viable operations by them

All user roles are permitted to

  • Start, stop, and login to WordPress, which belongs to the Team.

Contributor (ex. Editor) role is permitted to

  • All of the above.

Editor (ex. Member) role is permitted to

  • All of the Contributor (ex. Editor) role can do.

  • Generate, preview, and download Artifacts that belongs to the Team.

  • Deploy Aritfacts.

Administrator (ex. Site Manager) role is permitted to

  • All of the Editor (ex. Member) role can do.

  • Attach or detach domain names to the Site which belongs to the Team.

  • Manage domain name belongs to the Team.

  • Will be able to invite one or more users to the Team and remove them from Team.

Owner role is permitted to

  • All of the Administrator (ex Site Manager) roles can do.

  • Create, rename and delete Sites.

  • Create, rename and delete Teams.

  • Register, delete domain names and assign to the Site.

  • Update billing information.

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