Do advertisements work on Shifter?

Yes, of course!

Shifter supports JavaScript based Ads, such as Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, and more.

Most modern Ad scripts will use this method and it’s fully supported on Shifter.

If you have another type of Ad script written in PHP or another programming language, please check or ask your provider if a JavaScript based option is available.

What about WordPress Plugins for Ad affiliates such as Google or Amazon?

Most plugins will work on Shifter as the output they product is JavaScript. They act as an easy way to implement Ad scripts through a user interface and it’s a great way to track your settings.

If you use an advertising WordPress Plugins that displays ads based on particular pages, posts, etc. that should also work.

As always, we recommend giving it a try using a demo site within a free account or asking our team for help.

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