Developing a Shifter Headless Site with Astro and Cloudflare Pages


Create Shifter Headless Site

Please have a look at the support document: Getting Started with Shifter Headless.

Set up Git repository

Create a Git repository on GitHub or GitLab



Set up Astro

Please refer to Astro’s official documents or other resources:

Set up Cloudflare pages

1. Login to the Cloudflare dashboard

Navigate to [Workers & Pages] then click [Create application]

2. Choose [Pages] and click [Connect to Git]

3. Select the Git repository

Connect GitHub or GitLab then choose the repository.

4. Set up builds and deployments.

Environment variables

You can change the default version of node.js on the Cloudflare Pages by adding “Environment variables”

Astro requires Node.js version 16.12.0, so you’ll need to add the following:

Variable name: NODE_VERSION
Value: 20.2

5. Click [Save and Deploy] to continue.

6. Cloudflare fetches the content and deploys it to the public

That’s all!

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