You can now check your login history in the dashboard

Thank you for using Shifter.

We have released a new feature that allows you to check your login history in the dashboard. With this feature, you will be able to check suspicious login history and other data useful for internal audits.

Checkable items

  • Date (UTC)
  • Login Status
  • Risk Potential
  • Risk Level
  • IP Address
  • Device

Eligible Users

All users including free trial users

How to access the information

After logging in, you can check the “Account > Setting” page in the dashboard.

It is located under “Auth events”

With this function, you can check if there are any unusual login operations such as new devices or locations.

We are continuing to make improvements to make the service more useful. If you have any concerns or requests, please feel free to send us feedbacks via the chat box on the bottom right of the dashboard.

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