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User roles have been added to Shifter Static teams.

Teams is one of Shfiter’s most popular features and today we’re happy to announce that we are expanding this feature by adding user roles to shifter Teams.

This feature is available starting now on all plan tiers, including the free tier.

Today, we’ll walk through what these user roles mean for your Shifter Team.

What are Shifter Teams?

Shifter Static allows you to create teams and invite team members to collaborate on Shifter Static sites. 

What types of User Roles are available with Shifter Teams? 

There are four types of user roles. The most powerful of these is a site’s owner. 

User Role NameActions available to this type of user
ownerThe Owner has control over all site controls. They can set the domain name (registration, attachment, detachment), create new sites and teams, generate and deploy artifacts, change the plan tier, and manage billing info. 
site managersite managers can start and stop the WordPress installation belonging to a site to which they are assigned as a team member, generate and deploy artifacts, and set the domain name (registration, attachment, detachment)
memberMembers can start and stop the WordPress as well as generating and deploying artifacts. 
editor Theeditors can start and stop WordPress on your team’s site.

Role/Privilege table

Billing managementTeam managementTeam member registrationSite managementDomain Management*Artifact generation/Deploymentartifact preview/downloadWordPress start/stop
site manager

*Custom domains are available on Tier 1 plans and higher. 

Using Team Roles Is Simple

To use Team roles, the site owner simply needs to create a team from the Shifter dashboard and invite the necessary team members.

Once members have been invited, they will receive an invitation email. Follow the link in the email, log in to the Shifter dashboard, and proceed with approval. If a member does not have a Shifter account, they will need to create one. 

For full details on Shifter Teams and and user roles, be sure to check our official support documentation.

Shifter Teams official support document 

Introducing User Role feature official support document

How to add and edit Roles official support document.

Collaboration made easy

With the introduction of different user roles, the ways you can now use Shifter Static sites has changed in a pretty big way. 

For example, if a web production company in a site manager role can do the work of building a site, adding a custom domain, and tweaking settings that are essential for their site, all without needing special permission from the site owner. This will allow you to focus on the management of your whole site, without having to be hassled with constant requests for permissions. Simply assign the user role and you’re done. 

You’ll be able to structure your Shifter Team in  the same way as your production team, making collaboration effortless. 

You drive our Development

Shifter features are entirely driven by customer feedback. Be sure to select the plan and tools according to your website’s mission and make the most of Shifter Static to help grow your business. 

If you’d like to see Shifter Teams or user roles for yourself, be sure to sign up for a free trial for Shifter Static. 

Thanks for using Shifter!

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