The Future of WordPress, Internet Art, and Web3 with @WPBuilds

The latest episode of the WPBuilds podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in Web3 and the future of WordPress. Win (@VisualWebmaster) joins the panel as they discuss a range of topics, including privacy, the WordPress economy, and investments in a11y. Win provides an overview of Web3 and its benefits, and the panel discusses how WordPress can be a part of the Web3 ecosystem.

They also talk about the importance of privacy and how the WordPress economy is evolving. The panel also discusses investments in a11y and how they can help make WordPress more accessible for everyone. Win also shares details about DigitalCube’s Internet Art Residency Program! We’re seeking artists to make Internet Art, so get in touch if you’re interested; we’d love to chat! This episode provides a great overview of the current state of WordPress and Web3, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

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