Shifter on the Jamstack Radio Podcast

We’re excited to share that Shifter was featured on the JAMStack Radio Podcast!

Ep. #9, Shifting WordPress to the JAMstack

JAMStack Radio is a show all about the JAMstack; a new way to build fast & secure apps or websites. Hosted by Brian Douglas, developer & advocate at Netlify, we discussed the case for taking WordPress serverless, its rewards, and challenges.

The problem we’re trying to solve is; how can WordPress benefit from modern development best practices like serverless hosting and taking a microservices approach to hosting but still include the features of WordPress we love. During this discussion we also covered use cases and limitations.

Not sure exactly what the heck a JAMStack is? They’ve got an episode covering that with Netlify Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Biilmann. Check out Ep. #2, The JAMstack Origin Story.

Want to learn more about Netlify? We have recently announced an integration with Netlify allowing Shifter users more freedom to deploy their static WordPress sites right from our dashboard.

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