Shifter now offers “Pay-as-you-go CDN Transfer Option”

We are happy to announce the “Pay-as-you-go CDN Transfer Option” on Shifter!

Shifter lets you convert your WordPress site to HTML and deliver it stably and fast using the CDN.
With the new option, you can focus on managing your site without the worry of calculating the transfer volume in advance.

What is Pay-as-you-go CDN Transfer Option?

Shifter Static Tier 3 plan offers 1TB of CDN transfer volume per month. But there have been cases where users exceed the limit due to the usage of video files on the top page or sudden increase of access.

With this option, you can prevent the unexpected opportunity loss caused by the CDN transfer limitation as shown above. Also, this allows you to concentrate on running the site and only pay the amount based on the usage.


0.18 USD per 1GB

*The charge will only happen if you exceed the 1TB transfer limit with Tier 3

*Charges will be made via the credit card you have applied

When will it be useful?

  • Possibility of sudden increase in traffic due to media or social networking service posts.
  • Need to use a video or high resolution media files on the top page.
  • Planning to use the site for large scale marketing or events.

How to use the option

This option is only available to the users of Tier 3.
If you are using Tier 1 or Tier 2 and need more transfer volume, please consider upgrading to Tier 3 first.

You can find the section within the “Subscription” area in the dashboard when using the option.

Pay-as-you-go CDN Option

Documents are ready

We have support documents ready for this option. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the chat support you can see on the right bottom section!

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