Shifter Expands to LinkedIn

DigitalCube is starting to use LinkedIn to reach a new audience. We kicked off this new initiative with a live event for Shifter – an introductory webinar called “Getting Started With Shifter’s Static Sites.” Inside the tech industry, we know the advantages of a static website. But other audiences are not as aware of these benefits. We decided to target a business oriented, do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial audience found on LinkedIn. The goal was to show everyone can benefit from using Shifter for their website.

To help us out, we hired Martin Schneider, a product education specialist. Together, we created a story, script, and storyboard that illustrate why this audience should get started with a static site on Shifter, and how to do this in under one hour. We may work with more consultants in the future to bring outside talent into DigitalCube. Already, Marty has connected us to other specialists. 

For this webinar, we created a story around a character named Adam. Adam represents the typical LinkedIn user who would benefit from Shifter. He’s an entrepreneur who wants to be on top of the latest tech to help develop his business. He used to be a project manager at a catering company, but has left to start an event planning company on his own. Static websites on Shifter are scalable, secure, and fast. In the demonstration, we show Adam using important features like generating a virtual WordPress container, using deploys for editing, publishing, and version control, and collaborating with freelancers.

We now have a template that we can use to redo this event live. These recordings will also live on YouTube and Twitter for people to discover. In the future we can cover different topics to help with onboarding and leveling up on Shifter.

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