Restrictions on external calls to the Shifter API

Thank you for using Shifter.

From February 2021, in order to provide a more stable WordPress and deployment environment, we will be limiting the number of calls per day to some URLs in the Shifter API.

Targeted APIs

The APIs that will be restricted are those that target containers.

  • POST /sites/{site_id}/wordpress_site/start (WordPress startup)
  • POST /sites/{site_id}/wordpress_site/stop (Stop WordPress)
  • POST /sites/{site_id}/artifacts (Launch Generator)
  • DELETE /sites/{site_id}/artifacts/{artifact_id}/generator (Stop Generator)

Please note that calls with a response status in the HTTP 500 range due to problems with the API server, such as system failures, are not included in this restriction.


The number of API calls per day is limited according to the subscription plan of the target site.

  • Free / Free Trial: 50 API req/day
  • Tier 1: 50 API req/day
  • Tier 2: 100 API req/day
  • Tier 3: 300 API req/day
  • Legacy plan: 50 API req/day

What to do when a limit occurs

If an API call that exceeds the limit, the API call will be restricted until the next day. (*It will reset at midnight based on UTC) Please change your plan or try again after the next day.

We have support document ready for users to take a look at.
Support Document: Shifter API rate limit

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