Recent Updates to the Shifter Dashboard

Since we first launched our new version of our dashboard, we knew, based on customer feedback, that Shifter would become easier to use. But we also knew that it was only the start. From the beginning, we’ve planned for  this new UI to be a jumping off point for future changes and improvements to our user experience. We’ve been monitoring customer feedback and getting a real feel for how our users have responded to the changes and this feedback has informed our most recent updates. 

Sites Top Bar

The site title was initially given limited space, which would often break site names into separate lines, made navigation confusing, and was honestly a little ugly.

Now, the top bar stays at the top of the screen when you edit an individual site, allowing you to more easily manage your WordPress install and more easily access your WordPress Admin screen

Max Width

Previously, the dashboard would stretch infinitely to fit a screen’s size. This could get a little crazy and  make actions difficult to understand. We’ve added a max width to keep the size of components under control and to make the user experience a lot more comfy. 


For users that have a lot of sites, the dashboard landing page could take an unacceptably long time to load. To improve performance and to encourage use of our search feature, we’ve added pagination to the Sites page

Other  improvements

We’ve also made several other improvements to the dashboards overall look and feel. We’ve updated the background color to add a little elegance and so dashboard sections stand out more. We’ve also updated button rollover color to be more accessible, and we’ve made typography more consistent across the board. 

We think these updates do a lot to improve the dashboard experience, but this is only the beginning. Be on the lookout for continued improvements. If you have suggestions or feedback please reach out to us through the chat or at

Thanks for using Shifter!

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