Shifter lands on Creative Bloq’s 10 best new web design tools

We are humbled to be listed among such incredible products like CodePen and Glitch, as one of Creative Bloq’s 10 best new web design tools for March 2017. Creative Bloq’s delivers a variety of news, tips, and insight into the latest technology and development of global design.

As they phrased it, “there’s a service that speeds up your WordPress sites”, and we agree!

Not only can Shifter increase the speed of your WordPress site by how it transforms and delivers content, it can also continue to deliver at those speeds when traffic peaks. Even high performance traditional servers can struggle with scaling. With Shifter, it’s not what it delivers but also its proximity to your viewers. All Shifter sites get distributed across a global CDN placing content closer to the user to reduce latency. And those are just few reasons to try Shifter for free today.

A big thank you to everyone at Creative Bloq for featuring Shifter. We appreciate it!

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