Digital Cube Offers Full-text Search Powered by Algolia for Shifter Static

As of December 2022, Digital Cube Co., Ltd will provide a full text search-option by Algolia for their SaaS service “Shifter”, the static site converter built for the WordPress environment. We have partnered with Algolia to provide a search experience that is a vast improvement over the default search experience provided by WordPress.

For conventional static sites implementing a satisfactory in-site search feature has proven time consuming and difficult but at Digital Cube we have solved this problem by partnering with Algolia.

Using search powered by Algolia, not only can site visitors find information they are searching for more easily, but site administrators can also choose how they would like that information to be presented to the user when the results are displayed by indication preferences in the search conditions.

The benefits of using Shifter’s full-text search powered by Algolia are as follows:

  • Enjoy the premium search experience provided by Algolia
  • Provides the ability to search by including custom fields within WordPress
  • Control the items that you want to search and display

What is Shifter?

Shifter is a one click static HTML hosting service for WordPress sites. Shifter generates static sites using the WordPress you are familiar with, therefore eliminating the burden of software and server maintenance, such as delays, stoppages, and security concerns.

By delivering your HTML and CSS from a CDN you can separate WordPress from public areas and build a safe, fast site.

Shifter official website:

How to use Algolia with Shifter

There are no special procedures needed to set up Algolia with Shifter, simply enable Algolia in your admin panel, place a search block on your site, and you’ll be able to use the search feature on your site right away. There are no additional charges for the initial set up of Algolia search. 

Support documentation:

Algolia search usage fee

There is no initial fee to set up and use the search feature. It can be set up for free and there is no charge up to 10,000 searches / 10,000 records. Once you reach that threshold you will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis at a rate of $10 per each increment of 10,000 searches / 10,000 records.

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