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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Utilizes Shifter for Quickly Building an Internal Employee Site

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) is a machinery manufacturer specializing in power generation, aviation, defense and space, and industry infrastructure. To introduce their initiatives to the company, MHI required an internal employee site that was quick to build yet secure. By coordinating between the MHI and Shifter teams, they could implement the custom architecture and design utilizing Shifter, AWS CodeDeploy, and Auth0. 

Auth0 provided the authentication and authorization on the website and ensured that only logged-in employees could access it. The API used the Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda to launch a continuous deployment method when receiving requests. This way, the content generated with Shifter Static is deployed to Amazon S3 whenever there are updates. Visitors access the static files securely via Amazon CloudFront by verifying their session information and redirecting to the login page through Auth0.

DigitalCube was an integral part of this project as they provided scope clarification, education on architecture and design aspects, technical support during implementation, assisted with configuring Auth0 integration, and created AWS environments using CloudFormation.

The final result is a quick yet secure employee site delivered within the criteria for MHI’s very specific needs – all within a short time frame by leveraging off-the-shelf technologies available on cloud computing platforms such as Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). In other words, this project combines the benefits of serverless while keeping the functionality of WordPress – achieving both without incurring any operational workload.

DigitalCube offers a suite of services that enable companies to quickly and securely deploy custom architectures and designs. We provide scope clarification, architecture and design advice, technical support, and AWS environment setup with CloudFormation. Our team of experts can help your organization quickly realize the benefits of serverless while keeping the functionality of WordPress, without incurring any operational workload.

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