Internet Art @ DigitalCube: Residency Program

DigitalCube’s Internet Art Residency Program is officially open for proposals!

We seek an artist to make internet art with us and to temporarily join the DigitalCube community as our Artist-in-Residence. We have developed a remote and asynchronous residency program to collaboratively execute artists’ web-based project ideas. We want to get involved in the arts by giving an artist the opportunity to tell us what to do and to work inside of our unique organization. As a company driven by innovation, we benefit from working with artists and learning from their creative process. As a hosting provider and creator of Amimoto and Shifter, we see a unique opportunity to use our platforms to preserve web-based artworks. We hope our collection of internet art will grow into a gallery for all to visit and learn about this fascinating genre. 

Not only do we want to create artworks, but we’re excited about creating working opportunities to help artists develop their careers. This is a paid opportunity. The artist’s pay rate will be negotiated during the selection process.

In addition to the work the artist will do with the DigitalCube team on their project, we have other creative and collaborative activities planned. Resident Artists are invited to give presentations and workshops, take over our social media accounts, create content for our blogs, and attend team meetings. We will also develop with the artist a presentation about their artwork to present at a launch event, and other events, after the work is completed.

The selection process starts with a proposal. If you are interested in being an Artist-in-Residence at DigitalCube, draft a brief informal proposal with the following info: 

  1. A short description of your project idea 
  2. A short bio
  3. Links to help us learn more about who you are as an artist such as a website, recent works, social media pages, press releases, etc.
  4. Your answer to the question: why should we work with you?

Email your proposal to Our request for proposals is currently open. 

If we are interested in your proposal, we will reach out to you for an interview.  If we determine that you fit our program, then we will start the negotiation process where the project is officially scheduled and your pay rate is determined. Email any questions about the program to the program director, Rachel Winchester, at

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