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Getting the most out of Shifter’s Free Trial and Free Tier

Here at Shifter, we have two no-cost options: our Free Trial (7 days) and our Free Tier (forever).

Free Trial

We created our Free Trial to help you get started with an account and test our platform at no cost. When you first sign up for Shifter, you can use our platform without a card on your account for seven days. Use the Free Trial to explore Shifter and see if it meets the demands of your project and workflow. 

Use the Free Trial to do things like:

  • Explore the Shifter dashboard 
  • Explore Shifter’s WordPress environment
  • Explore Shifter’s static generator controls
  • Connect APIs
  • Set up two-factor authentication

We encourage you to start a free trial. However, please note that you must add a card to your account after seven days. Any data on your account after the 7th day will be erased as we can’t hold account data for abandoned accounts. But don’t worry! If you choose to utilize our Free Trial, we will send you several reminders to add your card before any data is lost.

The only things you cannot do on a Free Tier are our paid services, such as creating a Headless site or a Static site on a paid tier. This is what our Free Tier is made for.

Free Tier

We created our Free Tier to help you get a static site online at no cost. You can create a Free Tier site at any time, even after your Free Trial has ended. We created the Free Tier to offer a free static site option and a testing environment for sites that will later upgrade to a paid tier. 

You can build a limited static site on our Free Tier. This site can use up to 500 MB of storage space and 1 GB of bandwidth. You will never be charged as long as your site remains under these limits. It’s great for small projects with small budgets. Keep in mind that you cannot add teammates or a custom domain name with a Free Tier site. 

The Free Tier is also great as a testing environment. You can build your site on the free tier and move it to a paid tier later. Use the Free Tier to test things like:

  • Themes and page builders 
  • WordPress plugins 
  • Static solutions for forms, comments, e-commerce, etc. 
  • Virtual WordPress container
  • Artifacts and deploys 
  • Previews

Visit our Pricing page to view a complete list of features on the Free Tier and to see how the Free Tier compares to Tier 1, 2, and 3. You will find that Shifter has very competitive prices, especially compared to traditional hosting providers. Upgrade to a paid tier when you’re ready to attach a custom domain name or collaborate with teammates. Other benefits of our Paid tiers include webhooks, artifact downloads, automated backups, media CDN, and much more. 

Let us know if you have any questions about pricing and billing. We’re always happy to assist. Use the Intercom chat box to ask our support team a question at any time.

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