Expanded Team Access to Webhook Deploys is Now Available

Webhooks are a useful feature available on Shifter Static Tier 2 plans and above that allow you to deploy artifacts you’ve generated using Shifter to external hosting services like Amazon S3 or Netlify. Up until recently, this feature has only been available to site users with ‘Site Owner’ privileges within a team. However, we’ve recently received several requests to extend access to this feature to other team members. So, we’re happy to announce that we’ve now expanded access to this feature to team members with ‘Administrator’ and ‘Editor’ privileges.

Any site owner may update any team member to ‘Editor’ or ‘Administrator’ at any time. Only team members at the ‘Contributor’ level do not have access to this feature. Once the team member’s status has been updated, they may access webhooks and create deploys on their own.

For full details, be sure to check out our previous blog posts as well as our official support documentation.

Here at Shifter, we place a lot of value on feedback from our customers. This improvement was completely driven by our users input. Please reach out to us at any time if you have questions or if there are features that you would find useful.

Thanks for using Shifter!

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