Building an e-commerce site with Shifter Static and Snipcart

A SaaS (software as a service) product that is service specific and does not require development from scratch is a great way to make operating and managing your e-commerce site easier. This is also the best way to connect with other SaaS products. By combining SaaS products, you can turn your ecommerce site into a simple yet powerful tool for accelerating your business.

Why is this important? As the Jamstack grows, features like good performance, security, and scaling have become essential. All of this will help your business and development workflows become more efficient. 

In this article, we will discuss one way to combine SaaS solutions by walking you through the benefits of creating an ecommerce site using Shifter Static and Snipcart. We’ll also be taking a look at what type of workflow you can expect and the best scenarios to use this solution. 

What is Snipcart? 

Snipcart is a simple developer friendly HTML and Javascript based solution that can be integrated into any website. Snipcart offers a customizable front end shopping cart, webhooks, APIs, and a sales back end to manage all of your e-commerce needs. 

Quick highlights:

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Easy set up
  • A customer optimized purchase experience
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping built in

Getting started with Snipcart and Shifter

Although Snipcart has the potential to do some really complex things, setup is simple. 

If you’re already familiar with WordPress and Github, then you have all the knowledge that you’ll need. For full details, be sure to follow along with our official support document for Snipcart Integration

When should I use Snipcart?

When you want to keep your CMS and ecommerce platform separate.

Using Snipcart helps keep your content and sales workflows separate. This way, your teams can manage their tasks efficiently, without having to worry about processes that are unnecessary to their work.

Presenting as a unified brand is a huge factor in marketing. By managing the content and customizing the design through WordPress, users can market your products while making sure that your brand stays consistent. 

Establishing an e-commerce solution that prioritizes development speed, ensures quality, and maintains brand power will help you get the most value from your online store. 

When you’re building a new Jamstack ecommerce site

Static sites can help improve your ecommerce site by offering better performance and SEO. Implementing a Jamstack first Snipcart shopping cart can also provide a lot of flexibility. Your customers will feel the impact in the speed and usability of the site, making for a more pleasant user experience.

You’ll see benefits for your team as well. Combining Snipcart with Shifter static allows developers to focus on the more technical aspects while your content team can focus on your WordPress site with no development experience necessary. 

In conclusion

Both Snipcart and Shifter Static offer free trials, so please give it a try for yourself. 

If you do, let us know how it goes. We look forward to your feedback.

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