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The State of Shifter 2019

Dear Shifter Friends,

Thank you for making 2019 an incredible year for the Shifter community. You continue to inspire us to build, create, and grow the leading platform for static WordPress sites. As we ring in the new year, we wanted to recap some of the features and milestones you helped make possible.

Let’s take a look back at 2019!

A new milestone

This year was by far our most exciting yet with more customers launching static WordPress sites than ever before.

Shifter by the numbers

2,338 commits to GitHub
8 WordCamps sponsored
10 WordCamps attended
5 speakers across 8 WordPress events
1,037 Intercom conversations from 24 different countries
66 blog posts published

26 Feature releases and updates

26 feature releases and updates launched in 2019. That makes this year our most significant platform update yet.

Media CDN
Offload static assets such as images from your WordPress site to object storage, dramatically reducing the size of your site for faster build times and reliability.

Basic Auth
Share and protect static sites with username and password authentication. This feature is great for protecting sites in development or premium content.

Shifter now supports IPv6 for added security and performance. IPv6 is the next generation networking protocol capable of supporting billions of devices.

Two Factor Authentication
Keep your Shifter account and sites secure with two factor authentication. This is now available for all team users and account owners.

Passwordless Login
Seamlessly and security log into your WordPress sites using our magic link from the Shifter Dashboard.

Sharable Magic Links
Share access to your WordPress admin with just one-click using magic links, now available for all Shifter users. Perfect for debugging, client access, and support.

GitHub Integration
Install WordPress themes and plugins from GitHub using our built in install from GitHub feature, now available on all sites.

Netlify Integration
We welcome back our deployment to Netlify integration! Using Webhooks and a custom build script push static sites to Netlify so you can use all the wonderful features they have to offer.

Outgoing Webhook at Generate
Build custom workflows with webhooks that trigger only when generating.

Outgoing Webhook at WordPress started
Build more custom workflows with webhooks that trigger as WordPress starts.

Automated Backups
Never lose work or time with automated backups built right into Shifter and automated only when changes happen.

Download backups
Download backups to your local machine or to the cloud.

Artifact revisions
Log changes automatically with each build and rollback to a previous version at any time.

Artifact preview
Share preview links with clients, teammates, or your community with artifact preview links before going live.

Alternate Domain Name support
Greater flexibility with support multiple domains for one site.

Shifter Teams
Share and manage access to sites you own by creating teams. A feature designed for agencies, freelancers or anyone collaborating.

Auto Deploy Artifacts
Save time by auto deploying new builds to production.

Start as Safe mode
Take a detour around fatal errors using safe mode, a feature designed for giving users easy and quick access to debug WordPress sites with fatal errors.

Emergency Actions
Disable themes and plugins from the Shifter Dashboard in one-click in the event of trouble.

Feed support
Share your updates with other services, users and more with improved support for static feeds.

oEmbed support
Our static site generator now supports and correctly formats post oEmbeds, giving static WordPress views a richer, more native experience.

Skip Generating Archives
Have more control over your static site builds with new options to skip categories, tags, authors, media pages, and now archives.

Redirection plugin support
Keep your users connected to content with updated support for redirects on static WordPress sites.

Polylang plugin support
Say hello world in in more ways with added support for Polylang, a multi-lingual WordPress plugin now supported on Shifter.

AMP plugin support
Accelerate your static site with added support for AMP to our static site generator.

Subdirectory installation
Now install WordPress in a subdirectory path!

New pricing options

Single site pricing is now available giving users more options to choose just the features and plan they need for their next big project. For more info on our pricing changes visit our pricing page.

Growing our team

We welcomed Jason McClintock to the DigitalCube team. He’s working on product design, development and community support.

Deploy to Netlify 🚀

We welcome back a favorite feature! Deploy static WordPress sites to Netlify using webhooks. For more info and how-to check out our blog post on the topic.

WordCamp Connect Campaign

Our biggest event campaign, connecting the global WordPress community during the unique timing of WordCamp Tokyo and WordCamp US.

What to expect in 2020

We are just getting started and 2020 looks like it will be a great year. We remain dedicated to giving back to the communities that have helped us grow and continue to solve the most difficult challenges that face static WordPress today.

All the best and have fun!

— Shifter and the DigitalCube team

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