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Jump start your inbound marketing by linking Shifter Static and HubSpot

The purpose of landing pages and product sites is to optimize communication with customers and improve conversion rates.

At Shifter, our goal is to help people and businesses create an environment where they can focus on their own business without worrying about maintaining a CMS or server.

Shifter is an effective time saving solution, especially for marketing sites such as landing pages and catalogue sites. In fact, many of our customers in over 55 countries are already using Shifter to build and manage their marketing sites. 

There are five factors that make Shifter a great solution for marketing sites.

  • The end user can edit and update content using familiar WordPress dashboard
  • Web developers can use their WordPress knowledge and have access to the WordPress plugin ecosystem. 
  • Using a SaaS model and fully managed servers means there’s no need to worry about maintenance, security, or scaling.
  • Site performance is easily improved with the added benefit of boosting SEO.
  • A faster browsing experience means better UX for your site’s visitors. 

Your website is your business’s front door and is an important  touch point channel for your customers. As attracting customers to your site has become more important, customer relationship management (CRM) is now an absolutely essential tool for web marketing.. Fully understanding and maintaining your customers requires ensuring that your website and CRM work in sync.

When it comes to Shifter static sites, Hubspot is a perfect CRM solution. Let Shifter manage your website for you, saving yourself the time and hassle of web administration, and use Hubspot to manage your visitors. By combining the power of Shifter static sites and CRM, it’s possible to quickly create an environment where you can focus on what really matters.

There are two main ways that Shifter and Hubspot can be linked, HubSpot CRM Live Chat, and HubSpot forms 

HubSpot Live Chat benefits

  • Free chat function that’s easily installed on your WordPress website.
  • Customers can easily communicate with your team  in minutes.
  • Customers are automatically managed by HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Form benefits

  • Free and easy installation.
  • Requires a simple script embed
  • Customers are automatically managed by HubSpot CRM

Setting up an integration with Hubspot is easy 

  1. Log in to Shifter and launch the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Prepare HubSpot CRM . No special settings are required.
  3. Paste the code provided by HubSpot anywhere in WordPress.

For details, refer to our official support documents here.

Let’s look at a couple examples  of how integrating Hubspot and Shifter can help you build deeper relationships with your customers and make  your team more efficient.

Example 1

Recommended industries 

Companies that maintain a customer service team such as Finance, insurance, information and communication, logistics, airline, or hotel and travel industries. 

Before using CRM

Until now, the communication flow with customers has been Web → telephone / inquiry form → operators and responders. We have been responding to customers within the limited working hours that the responders can handle. Part of that uptime involves looking up customer attributes and behavior and matching them with the person who contacted you

After integrating live chat and forms

Live chat will help Increase contact points with customers and shorten the response and problem resolution times. If you set up a live chat flow prepared in advance, you can quickly get the information you want without the operator or responder having to lift a finger. You can also expect higher customer and employee satisfaction.

In addition, customer attributes and customer behaviors are stored as data within Hubspot, and you can immediately start one to one communication

Live chat also allows you to pursue deep communication with your customers. Chatting with an anonymous user in live chat will build a more meaningful relationship than any one-way email exchange ever could. By using live chat as a starting point and adding forms for member or campaign registration, your landing page will not only be able to communicate information, you will be able to learn about your customers in real time. 

Since the accumulated data can be used for customer and market analysis, the data can be easily shared, not just with site operators, but also through the cloud with sales managers, leaders, and marketers which can be expected to improve operational efficiency.

Example 2

Recommended industries 

Enterprise businesses  such as e-commmerce sites and retailers Also a great fit for small businesses. 

Before using CRM

When selling via the internet, customers are often directed to the site where a sale actually takes place through other channels such as a landing page or product page. 

Until now, the information from these sales sites have been contained within the sales site itself and the core systems that support it. Although the volume of customers visiting these sales sites may be high, lead generation has become dependent on individuals which can lead to insufficient cooperation.On top of that, Introducing CRM is expensive so getting information into the sales management system can often be postponed. 

After integrating live chat and forms

Now, information that was previously connected only by the core system of the website becomes a hub for new customer information accessible by the entire team and costs will be reduced while increasing sales. For example, if live chat is available on a product page, the amount of communication about that product will increase and lead to more purchases. 

It’s also possible to generate more customer information by including member sign up forms and links to sales sites within live chat messages that will help you learn more about your customers and provide a better customer experience. 

Integrating Shifter and CRM is an easy way to get on your way to transforming your business. Web marketers can leave server management, development, operation, and distribution to Shifter, and concentrate on your core business and customer relationships.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for using Shifter! 

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