How to Start a Free Trial with Shifter

Shifter is an online tool that makes it easy to create and manage websites.

You can use WordPress, one of the popular CMS around the world, without having to install or update it.

In addition, Shifter converts the whole WordPress site into HTML and publishes it which has the following advantages.

  • Speed that allows users to access from anywhere in the world
  • Stability, even with high volume access
  • Security that does not allow unauthorized access

Let’s start your free trial

Getting started with Shifter is easy. All you need is three steps.

1 Go to our top page and click “Start a free trial”

2 Input the necessary information and click “Continue”

Registration Details:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Create a Password : Register a password for your Shifter login

*Make a note of this information as it will be used to log in later.

After clicking “Continue”, a “Verification Sent” message will appear, and you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you just registered.

*Note that Username and Email Address cannot be set if they are already registered.

If you get an error message like “User already exists”, another user is already using the same Username, so please try a different username.

3 Click on the URL sent from Shifter with the subject “Activation mail for Shifter”

The Sign-In page will appear. Enter the information you have just saved and log in to Shifter.

  • Username or Email Address
  • Password

Once you log in and see “Welcome to Shifter!”, you’re all set to sign up for your free trial!

Sites created in the trial are valid for 7 days. After the trial period, the site will be deleted automatically, but you can repeat the trial as many times as you like.

If you want to continue using the same site for free, you can register your credit card information and continue using it for free.

Let’s start publishing your site in the next section.

Publish your site on Shifter!

1 Login to Shifter and click the “Create New” button

2 Click “Select” for “Free Tier” on the plan selection screen.

3 Enter a site name in the Site Name Settings screen, and click “Confirm.

The name of the site can be changed later, so you can use a temporary name for now.

4 Confirm your registration details and click “Create”.

The WordPress installation will start automatically.

5 Click “Dashbord” and log in to the WordPress admin panel.

Once WordPress is installed and your site is ready, you will see a screen like the one below.

Now, you’re ready to use WordPress on Shifter!

Use your favorite themes and plugins to create your site.

Let’s publish a post in Shifter!

1 From the top of the dashboard, go to “Posts” and click “Add New”.

2 Create a post and click “Publish”.

At this point, the site will not be published yet. Let’s convert the site to HTML in the next step.

3 Go back to the Shifter page and click “Generate”.

Wait a few minutes and your site will be converted to HTML and ready to publish.

Click on the publish URL to check out your site.

If you want to use the WordPress admin panel again, click “Start WordPress” to start WordPress and log in.

In this way, WordPress only starts up when you edit your site, and automatically stops when it is no longer needed, so that malicious third parties cannot gain unauthorized access.

If there are any updates to WordPress, they will be applied automatically at startup.

These are the steps to create a free trial and publish your site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask from the chat window at the bottom right corner of the Shifter site.

Have a great Shifter life!