Everything you need for modern WordPress sites is on the Shifter Platform. Solutions to optimize local development environments setups, automated deployments, CDN native hosting, and more.

Shifter API

Shifter offers an open API to create custom workflows, features, and applications, or get creative with Jamstack WordPress.

Automated Scaling

Eliminate downtime when traffic surges and maintain your page rank, all powered by static file storage and our CDN-first approach to scaling WordPress.

Magic Link Logins

You’ll never forget your WordPress password on Shifter because you’ll never have to. We use secure token-based logins so your password is always secure.

Shifter Media CDN

Automatically offload media assets and optimize images to the WebP format, and serve them over our dedicated CDN.

Security Built-in

Don’t spend another minute configuring security plugins. We’ve got you covered. Just ask our engineers.


Never worry about security vulnerabilities from WordPress Core or your hosting environment, our team of engineers manages that for you.

Teams & Members

Secure access to WordPress and data with teams Create teams for controlling access to sites from one account.


Add dynamic search to your static WordPress site.

IPv6 Ready

Deploy with IPv6, next-generation internet protocol is available on Shifter today.

Outgoing Webhooks

Deploy to Netlify, send notifications to Slack, or build your very own integration, deployment pipeline, and workflow.

Built for WordPress

Our team designed Shifter based on their years of experience as WordPress core contributors.

CDN Caching

Go beyond basic caching plugins with static pages cached across our global CDN, powered by AWS using Amazon’s CloudFront.

Safe Mode

Troubleshoot faster than ever before with debugging tools available in Shifter Dashboard.


A modern platform to power your online shop and e-commerce projects.


Capture leads, create contact forms, and more with open source plugin or 3rd party options.

Automated Backups

Automatically create WordPress backups as you generate static sites and deploy changes.