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Shifter joins the WordPress.org Distributed Hosting Test Program

The mission of Distributed Hosting Tests is a collaborative effort between the WordPress community and hosting providers to run WordPress unit tests on a real server environment, literally on a hosted server.

Specifically, it is an effort to conduct WordPress unit tests on the actual infrastructure environment of each hosting company, and when errors are identified, the team contributing to WordPress core development can work with the hosting company to address any problems or help make decisions about the WordPress core. It works both ways to ultimately create better outcomes for everyone involved.

In the development of WordPress core, a large number of unit tests are run, and hosting tests are one of them. We run those same hosting tests used by WordPress code against our own environments. This ensures that our WordPress hosting products offer stability in performance, and compatibility with best practices while providing an overall optimal user experience.

Our team has participated in distributed hosting tests since 2018 with our sister product, Amimoto.

Hosting Vendors participating in Host Test

Information on Shifter with the test running

As we continue our effort to contribute and support the WordPress community, please feel free to try Shifter and let us know if you have any questions.