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Deploy WordPress sites to Netlify and more using Shifter Webhooks

We’ve released support for webhooks! Using this feature deploy static sites and deliver notifications to external services like Netlify and more based on lifecycle events.

Webhooks on Shifter bring new options for where you can deploy your sites. It’s now possible to deploy to services like Netlify or Amazon S3 using webhooks. You can even create build notifications for Slack.

You’ll no longer have to create artifacts, download them and manually upload them to 3rd party services if you need to deploy or archive them outside of Shifter. This process can be fully automated using webhooks.

At this time, this feature is available on plans Business or above.

Getting started with Shifter Webhooks

We created a starter template on Github for deploying static WordPress sites from Shifter to Netlify. For more information check out our documentation too.