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Bringing JAMStack WordPress to Scandinavia

We’re traveling to north this week for WordCamp Nordic; to participate, sponsor, and celebrate this newly minted WordCamp region.

This event is the first-ever WordCamp Noric. As the number of camps around the globe increases each year, a signature event of this kind comes as no surprise.

WordCamp Nordic is taking place in the ridiculously cool city of Helsinki, Finland. This will be our first event in Scandinavia and for most of us, our first time in Finland! So many firsts.

Looking ahead at the event and what we can look forward to a few things stand out.

The Speakers & Session Topics

The lineup of speakers and topics for this event really do raise the bar. This one-day multitrack event hosts nearly 30 speakers with a background in the Norwegian Government to Engineers at Google. There is a lot to look forward to.

WordPress at scale within the Norwegian Government

This session stands to us for a few reasons. The adaptation of WordPress as a part of any official state agency shows the power of open source and to us is a nod to its long term success. For anyone who is new to the Open Source Software idea, OSS could be perceived as risky whether it’s a security concern or about protecting your investment.

Growing a site backed by WordPress is one thing which I assume they will cover. But how that first step happened is just as interesting. We’ll have to wait for the Q&A!

Devs and JS

Every Developer and JavaScript-focused sessions on this list. Our mission is to introduce JAMSTAck WordPress to WordCamp Nordic. Using JavaScript and the power of APIs to think about building WordPress sites in a new way. The amount of advanced topics covered at this event tells us to look forward to a lot of hallway conversations.

WordPress for Designers and Agencies

Good design is a part of Scandinavia. It’s as if those two things cannot exist without the other. We look forward to learning about the tools that designers, developers, and agencies in this region and we hope to learn a lot from meeting new friends.

See you in Helsinki!

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