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Add or change the billing information on the invoice is available now!

We are happy to announce the new option for showing the billing information on invoices.

From April 2021, you can now add or change the billing information shown on the invoices. This allows you to change the billing information per account.

Setting up the billing information

You can see the “Invoice Address” section on the Account page on the dashboard.

First setup

Please add the necessary information on the form and press “Update” to add new billing information.

If you want to change the billing information, update the information and press “Update” to complete the process.

Setting the language

There is a section “Preferred locale”, where you can change the languages, In the “Invoice Address” section. You can choose either English or Japanese for this function.

Downloading the invoice

There is a section ” Billing History ” within the same “Account” page, there is a section “Billing History” and you can download the invoices from here.
Click on the download button to download the invoice you need.

Who can use this function?

Every user above Tier 1 can use this function.
*Users with the “Legacy Plan” can use this function too. If you have any problems, please contact us via chat support.

Documents are ready

We have support documents ready for this option. 


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the chat support you can see on the right bottom section!