[12/10] Shifter Online Meetup! Report

Hello everyone!

This is Nishimura, Inbound Sales Manager.
 This report is from the latest “Shifter Online Meetup” held on December 10. Here’s a recap of the event.

It was a diverse and passionate session that drew everyone from newcomers to engineers with stories, case studies, community perspectives, and marketing perspectives.

Zoom Event

The last event of the year was also held on Zoom. Thank you very much for your interest! The event details can be found on Eventregist, and here’s a recap of the sessions.

Here are the sessions from the day!

Session: Introduction of Shifter Beginners Club Activities

Mariko Imamura (@marikoneeesan) talked about the activities of the Shifter Beginners Club this year. The Shifter Beginners Club is a study group for Shifter beginners that started in January 2021.

During the session, Mariko talked about the growing support and feedback of the Shifter Beginners Club, which gives you an idea of the community atmosphere.

First mentioned, you can get your questions answered immediately, regardless of your level. Second, the club supports a wide range of Shifter beginners.

The official site is here: Shifter Beginners Club.

This is a study group for Shifter beginners. 
Let’s start our journey on Shifter together! 
You can ask anything and ask again and again. 
We aim to create a social environment that encourages learning and sharing.

Here are the materials for the day

Shifter Beginners Club 2021 Activity Report / ShifterBeginnersClub-2021
by Mariko Imamura

You can get a feel for the people who run this site.

Session: Migrating your personal blog of 1500 articles to Shifter.

Hiroyuki Muku (@mukuhx) shared his experience of migrating his blog to Shifter in detail. He first heard about Shifter at the Snow Monkey meetup held on January 22, 2021. The day after the event, they started testing the migration with the Free Tier (a free trial plan).

Session Keynote

We were able to hear valuable stories about how they dealt with the no longer available functions in Shifter. Also, how they researched alternative site functions, what they struggled with during the migration, and what was good about migrating to Shifter. He also talked about access analysis and Stripe Checkout implementation.

Mukudori’s blog 69bird.jp – Enjoy the moment with life hacks


Here are the materials from the day. This is a very detailed document about website and blog migration. Please take a look!

Muku Migration Notes

Session: The story of how Shifter Headless + Faust.js + Vercel was easily implemented after reading necco Abe’s article.

Ayumi Sato (@PentaPROgram) gave a detailed presentation on using Shifter Headless to display a preview on a WordPress dashboard. You can find links to the keynote as well. Please try it out!

Session Keynote

Blog Post

Now, the Various LTs! ⚡️🎤😅

Everyone’s talk was red hot! 🔥 Thank you very much!

Session: Shifter, a solution for WordPress Speed and Security

Shuji Ueda (@shujiuyeda) talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Shifter. He mentioned the following as customers who recommend Shifter. Thank you very much!

The two critical points of this session were: First, we have engineers with operational skills, and second, we expect security and speed.

Session Keynote

Session: The value of “continuity” through community activities

Journeyman (Jani @beajourneyman)

The content focused on “continuing” based on the community, followed by an open discussion on the importance of output.

Session: Exploring the Shifter CLI

An introduction to the Shifter CLI by Daniel Olson, our COO.

Blog Post

The Shifter Command Line Interface (CLI) is a handy, developer-friendly tool for helping create a Shifter website. You can create a new site, set up a custom domain, or use it to publish new content. It’s also a quick way for any developer to check the status of their site, domain names, and run builds.

This was an introduction to the Shifter CLI, from installation to each command. Currently, the following commands are available:

Artifacts, which includes the Artifacts build command.

Domains, which can be used to register domains.

Sites, which can be used to create new sites from the CLI.

The Shifter CLI is available on GitHub, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Community Mentions

Here is a summary of the tweets from the event.

[12/10] Shifter Online Meetup! Summary – Togetter https://togetter.com/li/1814808

Post-event notes

The last event of 2021 was lively and had the atmosphere of an offline meeting.
 There were five events held this year. We had to cancel the event due to COVID-19, but we hope to make it an exciting place again next year with everyone.

We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Next Up

The next Shifter Meetup will be held on February 10, 2022!

[2/10] Shifter Online Meetup!
https://eventregist.com/e/M1NzTceR9n3d More details will be announced on the Shifter Twitter account and blog as they become available.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JP_Getshifter

Blog: https://www.getshifter.io/ja/blog/

Shifter Advent Calendar 2021 is underway!


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